Recruiting: A Never Ending Job!

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Yikes! Does the word recruiting make you cringe? Recruiting can be a frustrating, never ending job. Today attending church regularly is optional. People come and go with ease and it can compromise the quality of your children’s program. Even more importantly it hampers kids coming to know Jesus personally. And that’s really what it is all about… kid’s coming to know Jesus!

Like you, children’s pastors all across the country are struggling to find enough reliable people to fill all the slots in their children’s ministry so it can thrive. If you have a waiting list – you are the exception!

As leaders know, but often forget, leading starts with you. Slow down and take some time to ponder the questions below. I encourage you to spend time with God as you consider the questions and then take time to discuss them with your team.

Recruiting starts with YOU…
  • How excited am I right now about the work I do?
  • What needs to change to make this an environment more energizing and less draining to me?
  • Am I drawing my strength from Him or am I leading out of my own strength?
  • How compelling is the vision for your children’s ministry?
  • What can I do to more effectively share the vision and keep it in front of the body, parents, youth, and other staff members?
  • How well are you communicating to your volunteers, parents, and the body at large what God is up to in the kid’s area?
  • What can you do to improve your volunteer meetings?
  • How well are you communicating the “praises” that take place within children’s ministry to the other staff members? They can be your greatest advocates!
  • Where can you rub shoulders with potential volunteers in you church? How connected are you to other areas of your church?
  • How do you appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of your volunteers?
  • What am I doing to equip volunteers and to lead children to Jesus?
  • Are you more about plugging holes or putting people in positions that allow them to use their gifts and talents and shine?
A few other things to consider…
  • When it comes to your children’s ministry, what makes volunteering appealing?
  • What perks are there for helping out? Things like coffee, snacks to welcome them, notes of encouragement, training, or fun surprises – they go a long way towards making volunteering less ho hum!
  • Do you know what kind of commitment people are REALLY able to make? Is what you are asking for from volunteers reasonable in light of that?
  • How are you ensuring the safety of your children when it comes to volunteers?
  • Who can enlist as an advocate to help attract other volunteers? It is always nice to not have to be the one doing the plugging!

When Jesus went searching for His disciples, He did some very important things… He picked men who would grow into their roles – they were far from perfect but that had lots of potential. He didn’t put plugs for more volunteers to help Him in the bulletin, in a weekly newsletter, or on FaceBook! He personally invited them to join Him in what the Father sent Him to do. What is your recruiting process?

Wouldn’t it be exciting if your children’s ministry had more help then it knew what to do with? Imagine the impact you would have on the precious children God has entrusted to your care!

When it comes to recruiting, what have you found to be most effective?


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