Reaching Children & Remembering There’s a Battle Going On

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As a children’s ministry leader, remembering that there is a spiritual battle going on is hard in the midst of all your tasks, not to mention the phone calls, texts, and emails waiting to be returned. The enemy on the other hand…he knows that keeping children from coming to Christ at a young age significantly increases the chance they won’t make that decision at all. That should grab your attention.

Has the busyness of keeping our ministry and life going become so consuming that you’ve lost sight of why you are investing in kids in the first place?

When you are leading in children’s ministry it can be easy to drift into a “doing” place, and neglect the One you are doing it for.

Jesus slowed down. Jesus took time to connect with the Father. Jesus made time for kids. Jesus knew there was a battle raging.

How do you remember that there is a battle going; that Satan doesn’t want you to reach children for Jesus?

1. Pray

Ask God to remind you that little lives are at stake and that the battle is real.

Set aside time to pray with your leadership team. Ask God to keep it fresh in your minds that there is a battle going on and to show you how to best invest your time so that will yield fruit.

Invite your volunteers, parents, and church staff to join you in praying for the children; to not forget that there’s a battle going on for young lives.

2. Get creative

When life is full it is easy to feel like you don’t have time to be creative, yet approaching a problem creatively makes a big difference! How can you creatively…

  • Implement a way to remind yourself to pray daily/weekly for the children?
  • Systematically remind parents, the congregation, your church staff, and those serving the children to make praying for the children a priority? Life is nothing like it was when you were growing up – children need our prayers more than ever!
  • Incorporate something into your vision or mission statement to remind you that the battle is real?
  • Create a team that is committed to lifting up the children in prayer on a regular basis?
3. Brainstorm

Set up a meeting to brainstorm and dream with your children’s ministry team to come up with ways to improve what you are doing with the battle in mind. You may also want to evaluate what you are currently doing to explore what’s working, what needs to be improved and what you might want to eliminate so that you can focus your energy on what’s most important.

4. Consistently connect with Him

When you are distracted, frustrated and drained…it shows. Slowing down and taking time with God and connecting at a deeper level with Him takes faith. You have to believe that you will still accomplish what you need to accomplish. And when you do, it changes you.

When you make connecting with God a priority it allows you to gain a new appreciation for what Christ did for you and just how deeply and thoroughly He loves you. That will enable you to love others – even the difficult workers or parents in your path.

Time with Jesus is refreshing, it helps you to see what’s really important, and gives you fuel to invest in those around you. Be still. Listen. He may even show you new ways to accomplish the tasks before you or ways to bless those around you. Let Him know the needs you have for others to help reach children for Him and let Him show you people who would make amazing teachers or assistants. He cares about the children even more than you do!

It is a battle. The enemy doesn’t want you to get fired up and closer to God, but I know you will be blessed if you do. Even better…your children’s ministry is sure to become more appealing to children, parents, and those who might be itching to serve! It all starts with you!

How do you remain mindful of the battle for children’s lives?

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